Jacob Dahlgren is a visual artist from Stockholm, Sweden who makes art installations with elements of everyday life, such as food cans, weights, clothes hangers, clothes striped coffee cups, spools of thread, feathers, books and containers . He decontextualize them in protest to the consumer society. Dahlgren puts special emphasis on color to capture the viewer’s attention, choose objects depending on their color and then classify them according to their hue and stacks or shaping joins his compassion. He also seeks interaction forms in objects that provides: what he calls the direct physical interaction of the elements.

So, Dahlgren tries to show that we live in a gray world, but is composed of several colors despite the air of pessimism. He has exhibited in many cases collectively or individually, and in many countries such as Sweden, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Austria, Poland, Sri Lanka and Italy.

Source: ©Jacob Dahlgren

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