Jack Vettriano (1951) is a self-taught Scottish painter. His style inspired black cinema, jazz and tango began copying the impressionist paintings signed with his original name Jack Hoggan. His paintings often depict intimate scenes, resulting in the viewer a sense of artistic voyeurism, sometimes disturbing and many other morbid. His desolate landscapes and solitary people seeking futilely warmth, show a part of their reality. Vettriano paints our dreams, our sadness, our silence, our secrets. Some of his scenes reminiscent of the cabarets of Toulouse Lautrec and the solitude of his paintings to Hopper. His images are a gateway to a fascinating, yet sinister world, a timeless place where past and present intertwine. They cover the front pages of major bestsellers in countries like Spain and Italy.

As important fact, Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the title of OBE (Officer of the British Empire) for his service to the arts at the request of the Government.

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