Ivan Puig creates installations, videos and photographs that move between sarcasm and complexity, but in the end they always make us smile when we see them. The artist and his work are linked and the personality of Ivan Puig is a reflection of his art. What is the way that represents his world through art? Beyond of making a description, we have to let him t do it:

“Inventing other possible ways. Troubleshooting manufacturing gewgaw and trinkets. Pick up trash, recycle extend the life of obsolete objects, technology and the fight against their alienation. Ask, question, influence, sarcasm, irony and paradox. I like the contradiction, I like poetry, simplicity and complexity together, surprise and amaze. I like to make people smile when piece detonates inside, I like, incite, I like to think that art is a transformative force politic and creative with concrete and tangible results and with sublime and subtle effects. I like tools, I enjoy transforming materials and joy of the forms, I try my pieces have various levels of reading, I love the metaphor and wordplay. I love the simple and lucid humor. I like the sound and its ability to evoke and provoke . I really enjoy the process and teamwork. Play science and passing doubt it, doubt everything, doubt the doubt itself, verge on the metaphysical. Observe and conclude, reckless and astonished, infuriates me arrogance and social injustice.”

Source and images: ©Ivan Puig

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