“The word is half his that speaks, and half his that hears it”. Michel de Montaigne

The power of the word has no limits, and that it knows Iván Navarro, who by a word arranged in a different area, can get that its meaning changes and reaches the viewer with a different connotation. The artifice of words discussed in the work of this artist, who makes a critique both social and political by  the use of neon lights and mirrors. The words that appear in his works show an ambiguous and confusing reality. A term with great social weight is mixed with a series of paraphernalia that lead us to reflect on the meaning, now exposed in a different context. Thus the verb to die is seen in a bright and repetitive reality, as if by this representation could lost its meaning. Ivan Navarro’s work is a perfect reflection of today’s society that is seduced by the illusion, and sets in the background reality that lies beneath this show.

Source and images: ©Ivan Navarro

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