Iván Aguirre is a Mexican photographer born in Hermosillo in 1979 in a family of intellectuals, he currently lives in Mexico City. At 14 years old, Aguirre started to create image composition, consolidated over his trajectory. From 2000 to 2005 he studied Fashion Design and Advertising at Universidad Jannette Klein, while he also dedicated himself to theater and independent film. Then, returned to photography more deeply, because fashion was a bit stagnant in that time. In 1999 won a photo contest organized by Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Gucci. Since 1996 he is co-founder of the group of photographers Alternate Images, which includes a significant laboratory where endless photo sessions were held between all partners. His work has been published in Aesthetics (Italian and International), Rocket Magazine (Barcelona), Spot Magazine, Code, PLM (Romania), Eve Magazine, Reforma, Young Americas New Designers, The Fanzine, Manifesto Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Leforquet Magazine. Meet more of his work here.

Source and images: ©Iván Aguirre, ©DU

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