Iceland Through the Eyes of André Ermolaev

You’ve probably heard that Iceland is called “the land of fire and ice” without really know why, this place is home to huge glaciers and volcanoes, and the birthplace of André Ermolaev, who in this series of photographs reveals a breathtaking aerial view of the wild beauty of Iceland.

Ermolaev seems being delighted with the Icelandic landscape. For him, it is a paradise for lovers of motion photography. But what really caught the eye of the photographer was the panoramic view of the rivers flowing along the black volcanic sand. The combination of colors, lines and patterns is inexpressible, could be as if he were painting.


© André Ermolaev

These images offer fantastic images of rivers falling into the ocean. Yellow streams that flow into a river that ultimately do not mix with the water flow. The best way to calculate the size of the streams is looking at the tracks left by the wheels of cars recorded on the black sand. It’s just a volcano river on our planet.

André photographs are showcase to appreciate the beauty of Iceland at its greatest expression. Rich in texture, color and composition, these photographs, product of powerful photographic talent of Andre and his love for Iceland, become some of the most stunning pictures from this planet.

Source and images: It’s nice that


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