Isaac Cordal (1974) is known as a street artist in Galicia, where has developed various miniature sculptures also installations, which are part of BLK River Festival in Vienna. These sculptures were used as starting point for urban interventions that have led to Isaac’s photographic and audio-visual production. His work Cement Eclipses consists in small cement sculptures that recreate situations involving human misery, political failures and climate change, taking corners, pools and terraces in cities such as London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. For him the use of cement reveals the human face of nature.

Isaac Cordal currently lives in Brussels. He studied sculpture at the Fine Arts Faculty of Pontevedra. He founded with other artists such as Berio Molina or electronic art collective platform Ludd34560 “Alg-a”, a community of free digital art acting from sound creation procedures, ways of interpreting, producing and presenting. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in museums and art centers as MARCO in Vigo, Santiago de Compostela CGAC and Instituto Cervantes in Beijing, China.

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