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Coyoacan is perfect for a day dedicated to art and culture. The whole area displays its art in its architecture, its cuisine, its decorations and even in its people. Mexico‘s art, rooted into our origins. Coyoacan is ideal for walking and exploring, to spend time visiting its crafts market and buy a craft, taste the delicious food from its posts, get into its streets and hidden nooks and discover colorful little crannies. Please find below a tour to celebrate International Museum Day in these area.


This route starts at 10 am at the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC in Spanish), located at Insurgentes Ave. 3000, at the University Cultural Centre . The easiest way to get there is by Bus in the University Cultural Center station. We recommend the show Desafio a la Estabilidad. Procesos Artisticos en Mexico 1952-1967, that explores a historical period in which were generated the most innovative artistic movements of the national scene.

After MUAC , the tour continues to the heart of Coyoacan. There are several ways to get to this point. By bus, go to Bombilla bus station and from there, take a bus or a taxi to drop you as close as possible to the center of Coyoacan. The next place to visit is the Museo de Culturas Populares, which celebrates the diversity of artistic traditions in Mexico: crafts, painting, music, textiles, masks are just some of the artifacts contained within the site collections. Located on Hidalgo Ave. 289, and 5 minutes from the market, toward the Zocalo, the MNCP organize visits to its spaces, special workshops, and opening night performances to celebrate International Museum Day. Admission is free.


Located in Centenario Square Garden 12, Villa Coyoacan, restaurant Los Danzantes celebrates the culinary and cultural riches of Mexico by merging a wide range of Mexican products and concepts. You can find exquisite dishes like traditional memelas de comal, green pozole style Los Danzantes, shrimp with marinade mezcal and grasshoppers cooked in pan. Mezcal is also one of its most recognized drinks.

The tour continues and you could not miss the dessert. For coffee lovers, a tour in Coyoacan is not complete without taking a good coffee or hot chocolate from El Jarocho located in Centenario St. 91- b. You can accompany your drink with a stuffed churro purchased in any of the posts and will be the perfect combination. For those who enjoy the tea, La Ruta de la Seda is an excellent choice. Do not forget to try its delicious desserts, for here have a great variety of breads, pastries and cakes. It is located in Aurora st. 1, corner Pino, Santa Catarina, Coyoacan.


La Casa Azul – Museo Frida Kahlo, one of the jewels of Coyoacan. While you finish your coffee or your tea, walk to the number 247 London St . The place that was once the home of Frida Kahlo is now a space where we can meet and explore the life of one of Mexico’s best known painters worldwide. This day we will find the exhibition Las apariencias Engañan: Los Vestidos de Frida Kahlo, a show of the artist ‘s wardrobe. The museum closes at 5.30 pm.

The tour has come to an end. However, Coyoacan nightlife is just beginning, and there is always a good choice to conclude the day accompanied by a good beer and talk. El Hijo del Cuervo, located at Centenario Garden 17, is a classic bar in Coyoacan. Musical and relaxed atmosphere, offers a variety of beers and local and international drinks. Thus ends a day dedicated to art, museums and culture by the “place of coyotes”.


Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo: Insurgentes Sur 3000, Coyoacan, 04510, Mexico City

Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares: Miguel Hidalgo Ave. 289, Villa Coyoacan, 04000 Mexico City

Los Danzantes: Centenario Garden 12, Villa Coyoacan, 04000, Mexico City

Café Ruta de la Seda: Aurora st. 1 corner Pino, Barrio de Santa Catarina, Coyoacan, Mexico City

El Jarocho: Centenario N° 91-b, Del Carmen Coyoacan, 04320, Mexico City

La casa Azul-Museo de Frida Kahlo: Londres st. 247, Del Carmen, Coyoacan, 04100, Mexico City

El hijo del cuervo: Centenario Garden 17, Coyoacan, 04000, Mexico City

Source and images: ©MUAC , ©Museo Nacional de las Culturas Populares, ©Los Danzantes, ©Café Ruta de la Seda, ©El Jarocho, ©La ©Casa Azul, ©El Hijo del Cuervo.

Map by Janila Catañeda

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