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Sunday is a day of relaxation and conviviality. This Sunday, May 18, will be celebrated the International Museum Day, the perfect excuse to take a cultural and artistic tour. If you enjoy the ride and the city, we offer a tour of one of the most interesting cultural and most historic areas in Mexico City: Colonia Roma.


This route begins with a museum documenting the city’s memory through objects from several time: the MODO (in Spanish) or Object Museum.

If you are a resident of the area, you’re probably familiar with the Ecobici system, which allows users to seamlessly move to MODO, located in Colima St. 45, corner of Cordoba. The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm, so you will not need to get up early. If you live in another part of city, you can reach the Red Line Bus, the nearest station is Durango. The entrance fee to the museum is 40 pesos, but if you are a resident of the Roma will only cost you 20 pesos. From March to June 8, MODO presents the show El Museo de las Relaciones Rotas, a collection of pieces symbolizing the end of a relationship, but that, far from encouraging sadness, offers people the opportunity to tell an intimate story.

If after this first visit you  want to give a social twist to your route, you can visit MUCA Roma, an extension of the University Cultural Centre, which at this time brought from the old continent a series of fifteen audiovisual pieces that match a host of social inequalities and political humiliations experienced by the Spanish population as a result of the economic crisis. It has the  exhibition Hic et Nunc (Here and Now), and the location is Tonala St. 51. MUCA Roma is just steps from MODO.


After visiting these two museums, you surely be hungry.  FAHRENHEIT° suggest you to go to Breakfast, a restaurant that, despite of its name, not only serves breakfast, but has one of the most proactive menus. Breakfast is located at Durango St. 131. Its burgers are spectacular, but also the delicate pastries and splendid menu will leave you speechless.


Finally, if at the end of the route you want to pamper yourself and do a little shopping, you can have a look at the designer shops located along Colima St. You’ll find everything in these boutiques, created by Mexican designers from clothes, to shoes, bicycles, furniture and limited edition design. The gallery-boutique Guru, in addition to designing and selling its own products, supports art by Mexican artists and host several exhibitions. You can browse among its copyright objects, or check in its gallery for the works of art in turn.

We hope you enjoy the journey that we offer and return to your home with a good taste.


  • Museo del Objeto: Colima St. 145, Roma, 06700, Mexico City
  • MUCA Roma: Tonala St. 51, Roma, 06700, Mexico City
  • Breakfast: Durango St.131, Roma, 06700, Mexico City
  • Guru: Colima St. and Cordoba St., Roma, 06700, Mexico City

Source and images: ©Gurú Shop,  @MODO , ©MUCA Roma ©Breakfast

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