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If you have decided taking Polanco Route this May 18, we recommend you bringing a small backpack with a few bottles of water and a tablecloth. Dress comfortable, preferably with sneakers and jeans. Try to leave your house around 10 am, so do not go with the rush to enjoy your journey. Just remember that most museums close at 5.30 pm.


Start your tour at the Museo Jumex. You can arrive by different means:

  1. You can arrive at the San Joaquin subway station and then walk to the museum.
  2. If you like riding a bike, we recommend you get Polanco subway station where you can take a Ecobici to cyclo-station 197-Miguel de Cervantes-Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca.

The Museo Jumex opens from 11 am to 9 pm. We recommend two exhibitions. The first is Habitar el Tiempo, which presents a selection of thirty works from La Coleccion Jumex. For something more relaxed and fun, that day will be inaugurated La Revolucion Permanente, a show by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, in which, as the narrative of theater, he investigates the tensions between two ideologies that still permeate contemporary culture: socialism and capitalism. An original proposal.


At the end of the tour you will surely be hungry. We invite you to ride your bike back to Polanco subway station. From there, walk up to Le Pain Quotidien, located on Oscar Wilde st. 30, corner of Virgilio, Chapultepec Polanco. It has the take away option. We recommend ordering the mozzarella and arugula salad with tomato and pesto dressing, French brie baguette with cranberry chutney and pistachio cake or red fruit, or you can walk to the Bosque de Chapultepec, once there, choose a cute picnic to build your site, you can be near Lago Mayor. If you arrive around 12.30 at Chapultepec, you can enjoy the concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City, in 1st Section, las Tazas Forum (12.30-1.30 pm)


After enjoying your meal, you can take a tour at the Botanical Garden of Chapultepec.


Around 3.00 pm walk on Reforma Ave. or take a Ecobici up to the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City (MAM in Spanish), where is presented the show La Danza de los Espectros  in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Monterrey (MARCO in Spanish) which brings together the work of five major European artists immigrated to Mexico in the mid-20th century: Leonora Carrington, José Horna, Wolfgang Paalen, Alice Rahon and Remedios Varo, who, to a greater or lesser degree, were linked to the Surrealist or magical realism movement. Keep in mind that the museum closes at 5.30 pm, so do not be late.


At the end of your journey do not forget going to the bar Fiebre de Malta, one of the best bars with the largest variety of craft beer and very tasty snacks in Mexico. Its beer selection is amazing and pairing recommendations are very good. The address is Rio Lerma st. 156, Cuauhtemoc. You can get there from MAM walking, riding your Ecobici or by bus.


Museo Jumex: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303, 11529 Ampliacion Granada, Mexico City

Le Pain Quotidien: Oscar Wilde corner Virgilio 30, Chapultepec Polanco, 11560, Mexico City

MAM: Paseo de la Reforma and Gandhi U, I Bosque de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560, Mexico, City

Bosque de Chapultepec: Constituents Ave. U, Miguel Hidalgo, San Miguel Chapultepec, 11850, Mexico, City

Fiebre de Malta: Rio Lerma 156, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico, City

Source and images:  Museo Júmex, Le Pain Quotidien, MAM, Bosque de Chapultepec, Fiebre de Malta

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