Geometric style and use of color have become the characteristic seal of Studiopepe, Arianna Lelli Marni and Chiara di Pinoto, the spicy ingredeints of Studiopepe, define itself. One can totally agree having a look to their incredible work. Studiopepe has one of the most impressive trajectories on editorial design and design itself, specialized in the creation of striking pages for the most important magazines in the world, from The New York Times’ style magazine, to Elle Decor Italy. Studiopepe is involved with the success in advertising world, its work is much more than latest trends in design, by creating idyllic spaces filled with imaginatino, unexpected combinations and surreal elements which allow them to project a strong and original vision. Its objective is to create a dialogue between different elements of their compositions with the aim of creating something real. It is true that there are necessary more than few minutes to understand deepness in its compositions, to percieve what is exactly happening in its images.

Source and images: © Studiopepe

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