The Coen brothers have created a brand film. From iconic characters like The Dude, until Jerry Lundegaard, the protagonists possess ensure originality and style sarcastic humor. Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac, who is shaping up to be nominated for an Oscar) is his new creation. Isaac plays the story of a New Yorker folk singer in the music scene of the 60s. The plot is based on the memoirs of Dave Van Ronk, ‘The Mayor of MacDougal Street’. Although not a completely typical film in the style known as Coen, production has no fault whatsoever. With a tragicomic thread (characteristic of this duo), the musical repertoire adds an atmosphere that resonates the voice raspy Bob Dylan and Tom Paxon. Actors like Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver are part of the cast and the music scene in the movie.

Cannes, edition 2013, honored the film titled Inside Llewyn Davis with the Grand Prix Award. However, fans must wait a few months so that it can be seen on the big screen, its launch is scheduled for December 20 this year.


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