For the first time, Chanel presents a visual journey through its career, from the first boutique hats “Chanel Modes”, opened by its founder Gabrielle Chanel in Paris in 1910, to the reign of its current creative director Karl Lagerfeld that began in 1983. With a series of videos, the Parisian house takes key moments in its history that have revolutionized the fashion world: the creation of a jacket for over 60 years representing women’s freedom, the design of a perfume that symbolizes the essence of women, the passion for diamonds as a connection to the universe, and links to a movie star Marilyn Monroe. So far have released four chapters, the most recent is dedicated to the garment that transformed the fees related to the way women dress.

Chapter 1 – No. 5: Shows the story behind the fragrance that revolutionized the history of perfume, and desire to Coco Chanel to create a woman smelling essence.

Chapter 2 – Marilyn & No. 5: With only one answer, the film diva confessed her passion for her favorite perfume. One day, someone asked What do you use to sleep? Marilyn Monroe said: “Just a few drops of Chanel No. 5”.

Chapter 3 – Chanel and The Diamond: In 1932, Coco Chanel turns her attention to a piece with “the greatest value in the smallest volume”. The seamstress wanted to cover women with constellations.

Chapter 4 – The Jacket: Inspired by a male garment, the famous Chanel suit has become a symbol of the free woman, bold and elegant.

Source: Chanel

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