Impossible is the name of the project that combines cycling with design, where the circle is the main figure of the structure, supplying the idea of implementing a single beam. “When we first began to design Impossible, we felt that Impossible needed to be more than just a folding bicycle. It needed to compact enough to fit inside a backpack and lightweight enough to be easily transported anywhere.” The seat and handlebars are at similar height to the front and rear wheels, which support the weight uniformly, as well as the structural form, is made of carbon fiber as a primary material, being resilient, lightweight and durable, so the bicycle can withstand approximately 85 kg. The motor drive of Impossible is lightweight and powerful. With the batteries (44.5g, 3.6V, 10A, 2900mAh) can travel up to 12.4 miles in 45 minutes.

For more information about price and technical specifications please visit the project page on Kickstarter.

Source and images: ©Impossible


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