PAS House designed by French architect Francois Perrin, is a private building that is planed to be built in Malibu, California.

This original idea has been designed by Gil Lebon Delapointe and Francis Perrin. The promoter of this project is Pierre Andre Senizergues, former world champion in skating and current founder and owner of Sole Technology. The concept of this house is basically to transform it into a standard home in which people can skate in board ramps, a wonderful concept for any skate to spend all day in the house alone or with guests! To build the ramp, the floor becomes wall and ceiling in a continuous surface and even the cabinets and tables are integrated into the curved surface of the house.

This house has three rooms, a living room, a dining room with a bedroom and a bathroom included and finally a practical kitchen area for skateboarding. A house that integrates the utility and fun.

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