Art has the ability to do, to an everyday object, a piece of worship. We just have to remember Fountain by Marcel Duchamp or Brillo Boxes by Andy Warhol. Objects that we see daily, intervened by the artist to create a work of art. But, what happens when the everyday object is a symbol of stability and everyday? Ian Strange intervenes houses in almost any way: deforming, painting, nullifying, or crashing them on the floor. The Australian artist uses various techniques in developing different projects, or create works like Landed, a house that looks literally falling from heaven; Final Act, a video installation and photography, or Home, a replica of the house where he lived as a child. All of them show the house as a piece of art, leaving behind the idea of comfort that we have always imposed them.

‘HOME’ an exhibition by Ian Strange from Ian Strange on Vimeo.

Source and images ©Ian Strange via: designboom

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