The winning project of the call for emerging architects, launched by MoMA PS1, was a prototype for Hy-Fi, designed by the architectural firm The Living. Based in New York, the firm seeks to do things differently, proposing a new model of architectural design based on the philosophy of sustainable cycle and local consumption. The project consists of three towers installed in the courtyard of MoMA PS1 in Long Island, connected to each other, creating a small designed ecosystem, which coexists with the everyday flow of visitors in the gallery. The innovation in this project comes from the architectural experimentation with living organisms taking part in the design of the structure, as they use the Mycelio, a fungus that grows, expands and eventually becomes solid to form functional bricks which can maintain a structure. A proposal that could serve as a prototype for the architecture of the future.

Please find below a video where David Benjamin explains the inspiration for Hy-Fi:

Source: © The Living New York © The Creators Project. Images:  ©Andrew Nunes

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