Huilo Huilo is a paradise in Neltume, Chile which pays homage to nature and merges with its environment without transgressing it. The reserve offers extensive accommodation options, including cabins, lodges, guest rooms and the iconic “Magic Mountain Lodge”: a mountain covered with vegetation and a refreshing waterfall. This place (and all reserve in general), represents the magic of native forest and is a tribute to the life and energy of nature, and water. It has double rooms with all amenities and a large number of attractions and activities, such as a spa, craft beer maker, museums and a kids club. It is also famous for its tours that exploit the environment to the maximum: horseback riding, canopy, fishing, mountain biking, cruises on the lake, are just some of the outdoor activities offered in Huilo Huilo. Get into this hotel, and all its environmental proposals on its official website.

Source and images: ©Huilo Huilo Ecological Reserve

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