The Hotel Vincci Gala is located in one of the oldest districts of Barcelona. It is a construction that honors the Spanish genius of Surrealist Art, Salvaldor Dali. The project consisted in remodeling a construction dating from 1900, for this reason, the design of this hotel had to observe the request of the Monument Protection Department of Barcelona to preserve the façade, the large marble staircase in the inside of the building, and the hydraulic floor tiles (protected as Cultural Heritage) and also had to integrate the name “Gala” to the name of the hotel, paying tribute to Dali’s wife. The gold color is the main element of this project, being repeated in different tones and applications, changing with organic and contrasting forms between clear and dark. The most used material is the steel that perfectly integrates with the stone and the marble of the original building.

Source and images: Urdesign

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