The Hotel Adrere Amellal is in Egypt to the shores of Lake Siwa to 50 km east of the Libyan border. This oasis has been inhabited by different civilizations for more than 10,000 years. This hotel is very unique because it is a set of old houses and ruins very aesthetic. The hotel is isolated from industrialized countries, the environment is very natural, do not have wi-fi, however the services are sufficient for comfort. The Hotel Adrere Amellal has a window that allows you to experience the night sky, the breeze from the lake and the desert landscape. The structures are made of a combination of kershef, a mixture of rock salt and mud. Imagine that in this heat Egyptian place would be one of the impediments to vacation in this hotel, however, the material of the walls allow you to spend a comfortable stay, as it absorbs heat during the day and keeps the interior cool hotel and during the cold nights, keep it on low. The windows catch the breezes of the desert, they do not need the air conditioning. The hotel lighting after sunset is obtained by burning braziers, oil lamps and candles. The beds are made with cotton and furniture are handmade. The Hotel Adrere Amellal is a testimony of local materials, labor and methods preserved through the upgrade.

Source and images: ©Adrere Amellal Hotel, ©Omar Hikal

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