Inspired by the phrase “clothes make the man” by William Shakespeare, the French photographer Leo Caillard creates the series Hipsters in Stone series, where he dresses  famous sculptures of Louvre Museum with piped trousers, dresses, plaid shirts and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Clothing says a lot about us, talking about our preferences, beliefs and lifestyle. For many, it’s a way of expression that also functions as an emblem of belonging somewhere or a “tribe”. As a viewer, seeing these sculptures dressed, probably no longer goes back to an ancient time, rather what comes to mind now is a shower of words having to do with the current context and modernity. And this is precisely what Caillard wanted to explore and capture, using digital manipulation in his photographic creations, a fusion of classic and modern reflecting the role that fashion plays to this day.

Source and images: ©Léo Caillard

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