Alex Brewer, better known as HENSE, is an artist who takes his material and inspiration from the streets in which prints his mark to create works of art where there was previously only everyday objects. Exploration with irregular materials like wood or cement bricks and bright colors are the signature of this artist, who describes his work as a contemporary public art. Interested in the relationships between the elements, shapes and colors and how they interact, HENSE care much about the context in which the work unfolds and where to be seen.

HENSE began his career painting and writing on the walls around Atlanta and since then, has produced numerous public works in walls worldwide. He combines the language and techniques of graffiti, with the formal language of abstract painting, Brewer has produced artworks that incorporate the line, form, and gesture to create abstract compositions invigorated by the fast pace and culture street.

Source and images: ©HENSE

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