For more than a decade, the Mexican artist Hector Zamora has been devoted to the development of projects in public spaces, which have as main objective to rearticulate the characteristics of urban  and/or architectonic environments. Among his most recent pieces highlights Muegano, an installation originally conceived for the 6th edition of SCAPE Public Art Biennial (2010) in Christchurch, New Zealand. After two years of delay, due the earthquakes that affected the region, Zamora finally ended the piece that is currently at the Botanical Gardens of Christchurch and which will be exhibited until December 2013. Muegano intends to provoke reflections about the paper of traditional houses structures in Occidental culture, and to generate comments about the life in the downtown, and urban density. Its multifaceted  and crystal shape is inspired by snowflakes and mexican candy which names after the piece; both references  reveal a metaphor both, conceptual, and visual about spatial and social organization, and architectonic structure, respectively.

Muegano was conceived after a visit done by the artist to Christchurch in 2009, its design reflects the house architecture in the suburbs, and remembers, according to Zamora,  the little houses drawn by kids. Its main structural elements are: gable roof, walls, windows and four front doors.

Source and images: Hector Zamora ( and Scape Biennial

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