Belonging to the Coppola dynasty and with a film school that includes her aunt Sofia Coppola and her grandfather, as well as Francis Ford Coppola, Gia comes out with her first feature film, Palo Alto, based on a series of stories by writer James Franco. The premiere in our country remains unconfirmed, we’re frothing listening to the soundtrack that accompanies this story of youth without limits. With a carefree and beach mood, this soundtrack captures the attitude of a typical California teenager with songs ranging from Mac Demarco to Tonstartssbandht, apart from having original songs by Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange and Lightspeed Champion) and Robert Schwartzman (Rooney and Starsystem). Check a brief selection of this attractive sountrack: “Palo Alto” is the first track and goes by Devonte Hynes, who also gave a couple of his songs of Cupid Deluxe, one of these You’re not good enogh, whose video Gia Coppola directed.

Robert Schwartzman, lead singer of Rooney and second cousin of Gia Coppola, contributed four songs to the project, among which is “So Bad”, product of his Starsystem Project.

Continuing work among family, Jason Schwartzman, Robert’s brother and head of the acclaimed indie project Coconut Records, is present in this selection with “Is this sound OK?” from his latest album, Davy. Then the video of this song, a shortfilm directed by Gia Coppola.

Finally, the proposal by Jack Kilmer, who stars in this film in the footsteps of his father, Val Kilmer. An instrumental piece that complements the rebellious attitude that seeks to project Teddy, his character in the film.


  1. Devonté Hynes – “Palo Alto”
  2. Mac DeMarco – “Ode To Viceroy”
  3. Robert Schwartzman – “Fútbol Americano”
  4. Blood Orange – “Champagne Coast”
  5. Tonstartssbandht – “5FT7″
  6. Coconut Records – “Is This Sound Okay?”
  7. Nat & Alex Wolff – “Rock Star (Movie Version)”
  8. Francesco Pennino – “Senza Mamma”
  9. Robert Schwartzman – “Graveyard”
  10. Robert Schwartzman – “So Bad”
  11. Devonté Hynes – “April’s Daydream”
  12. Robert Schwartzman – “It’s You”
  13. Jack Kilmer – “T.M.”
  14. Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough”


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