Serge Leblon (1964) is a Belgian photographer known for his numerous works, especially editorials in magazines like Vogue, Another Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Purple Fashion, Harper’s Bazaar, among others. He has worked for brands like Hermes or Ryckiel Sonya. In 2008 made ​​the images of the promotional campaign for Seventh Tree, and the image of the British group Goldfrapp album. He studied cinematography at the INSAS in Brussels. From there, he began a career in photojournalism, mainly worked in the Middle East and covered the war in Lebanon. In search of other materials, began making advertising and fashion photography. His photo is the result of absolute control of light, combining textures and colors. Leblon seeks harmony in unbalance. This gets offset figures, burned and blurred. His photographs show a colorful romance.

Source and images: From the Artist

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