Hans Strand: Redefining the Landscape

Famous for his aerial shots, the photographer Hans Strand has captured with his lens from volcanoes to panoramas immortalized by the sharpness, focus and color.  After a nine-year career in mechanical engineering, Strand decided to make a radical change in his life to pursue his passion, which was photography of landscapes and travel the world for shooting jungles, deserts and glaciers. His work focused on nature has won several awards in photography as the Hasselblad Master Award in 2008. He also won the Landscape Photographer in 2014. He has published five books, among which is one of his latest work entitled Iceland Above & Below, which is a tribute to one of the most magical countries in the world.

Hans Strand

The challenges of landscape

Hans Strand has always felt drawn to the wildness of nature, for the Swedish photographer every shot is a challenge that continues perfected and which can be seen in the evolution of his work but also in every challenge he faces to capture images as the active volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. 


In his photos one can see the light and form, in addition to his effort to create prints that make the audience think. His work has been exhibited in various shows and has been published in several international magazines such as National Geographic.


© hansstrand

© hansstrand

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