When Hana Haley, originally from Portland, Oregon, was just 14 years old, discovered the magazines and Nylon. Something in the glossy pages and images captivated her. A kind of magnetism that led her to stick them on her wall. These images became the “vitamins” for her imagination. Taking pictures came to her by chance, when she wanted to impress a guy. Then, she realized that her photos were like she always imagined,  evoking that old wall full of magazine clippings. Since then, she has continued taking photos, becoming a professional fashion photographer. To Hana Haley, who currently resides in San Francisco, California, which inspires her are human emotions. For she is hard not to be inspired, as everywhere can be found a creative source. In her series Bad Attendance Hana is projected just as she is, a free, creative and spontaneous spirit. In these pictures remember what was “ditching class”, buy a drink and relax on a sunny day instead of being in math class. And that is exactly what we see, natural and spontaneous images, with a vintage style that inevitably evokes nostalgia.

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Source and images: @Hana Haley

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