Gray Malin Antarctica Fahrenheit 1

The American photographer Gray Malin, who works in Los Angeles, California, brings us another of his photographic series full of life and color. On this occasion, he had the opportunity to visit Antarctica, a place that could be considered the ultimate desert of the planet, which constantly undergoes drastic changes, and whose importance is appreciated due to the consequences of such events.

Gray Malin Antarctica Fahrenheit 3

Gray Malin was attracted by the natural landscape of the glacier and icebergs floating formations. Through elements that suggest the warm and cozy summer, he created a striking contrast in his photographic series entitled Antarctica, which provides a message about the changing landscape of the world, due to our lack of awareness of the global warming.

Gray Malin Antarctica Fahrenheit 5

If you liked the project, you can buy printable files of the series in Gray Malin’s personal site or in the Website of the Climate Reality Project.

Source and images: ©Gray Malin

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