The view is one of the most used senses, watching we learn, judge and love. Many times we would like the time observed prevail with us forever and we keep it in our memory. But what if those images could be saved in a memory where no only us, but in turn, we could share them with other people? Google Cultural Institute the web of the popular search engine focused on sharing all kinds of files from cultural attractions, has created an archive of humanity. That, at least, the idea of ​​whether the creators of photographs, artwork or audio files. Anyone, gallery or museum is in the possibility of disseminating their work or display photos with Open Gallery, a new application that is made available to users.

The whole project started since 2008, with an initiative to digitize photographs of works by important museums in the world. Today, this initiative has grown and continues now with more modest jewelry, but no less important, provided by users. In Google Cultural Institute are works of art, historical sights, digital exhibitions, declared world heritage which together create one of the largest collections in visual websites.

Source and images ©Google Cultural Institute

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