Gabriele Viertel is a self-taught photographer of German origin who now lives in Holland. She graduated in mechanical engineering but has been passionate and devoted to photography since 2011 and works full time as a photographer. Her work began to be noticed in 2013 by one of her series titled Follow Me to the Depths, which consists of photographs taken underwater with great style, full of mystery. Viertel is heavily influenced by dance, why has always had great affinity and this is really reflected in some series, especially the shots done underwater.


The work of Gabriele Viertel is characterized by a feminine style almost classic, full of mystery, drama and magic. It follows a cosmetic line from which the passage of time. Gabriele Viertel is one of the most recognized photographers in the field of underwater shots, in playing with chiaroscuro, movement and ethereal elements.
Her work is planned carefully, it focuses on the subject and how she wants that it be perceived and the result of each composition expressively reflects her vision. Gabriele Viertel’s photos have been published in the USA, Italy, UK, Spain and Holland and in several renowned fashion publications.


Source and images: GABRIELE VIERTEL

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