The comic was an element of escape for the urban youth of the ravages of war. It was a window to the world, but approached from a less crude. Said an old phrase “The comic is the cinema of the poor”, no one thought that the comic quit the role to be part of cinema. Currently not surprisingly, we see a host of superheroes in theaters, both Marvel, DC Comics and graphic novel authors independently found a support in film to tell the stories representing each superhero. Interestingly comic book adaptations to film are not new. The first adaptation was held in 1937, the character was Agent X-9, a creation of Alex Raymond, the author of Flash Gordon. There is a wide variety of successes like Christopher Reeve Superman series, Batman versions of Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan, the Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi, the approaches the X-Men by Bryan Singer, The Avengers Joss Whedon. Just as popular series also took to film as The Crow, ninja turtles or Blade.

A peculiar fact is that the difference between Marvel and DC Comics persists even on the big screen. The two different productions have chosen, on one hand belong to Disney Marvel, Marvel is proposing a more adaptations than the previous standards, less personal and more commercial. Unlike, of DC seems to always put meticulous care when deciding how and who leads the characters to the screen. When Marvel tried to imitate, as Green Lantern, has failed significantly. Other memorable adaptations are V for Vendetta (which failed to convince all to its creator Allan Moore), Watchmen, 300, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Like, that Ultimate X-Men and Kick Ass by Mark Millar. There are also superheroes that were created specifically for the film, to name a few: The Incredibles Disney Pixar, Shyamalan’s Protégé and Hancock. A positive aspect of the adaptations is that the audience directly about the stories, even many of them become fans of comics and vice versa. The comic along with film has positioned itself as an important part of popular culture that has transcended television and even thematic conventions around the world.

Source and images: ©Marvel y ©DC Comics 

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