Francesco Romoli is an Italian artist of whom there is not much information, in his official website how little or how much says about himt, is a tasty and revealing snippet of the song “Karma Police” by Radiohead, which speaks of his creativity and excellent taste. He himself says about him “I’m nobody, do not exist. I love to use my imagination and my Cannon 1000D “. However what concerns us about Romoli are his magnificent creations around art. Creations of fictional worlds reflected in surfaces and digital formats. His series is titled “Imaginary Towns”, which reflects a lonely passer in dark streets and buildings cardboard planes. Several city streets are collages Romoli has built his photographs, mixed with these grim scenarios. Definitely, if art speaks for artists, art is a projection of Romoli’s personality, of his mind and psychic structure, so clearly we do not need a personal description on his Website.

Images: ©Francesco Romoli 

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