Mara Soler and Daniela Villanueva are the cheerleaders who form the project “Flaminguettes”, a common creative world ruled by their own rules. Soler and Villanueva are a duet who ventures to find a niche in the complex world of design and anime in Mexico. With a well defined visual discourse, and an impecable execution, this initiative of creative collaboration, has a portfolio of impressive pieces, among which are the acclaimed short Ethereal, where are present anime and hula-hula. Among their most recent deliveries is the image of 2014 edition of the Festival OFFF México.

Musicalized by Julian Placencia, from Disco Ruido and Teen Flirt, Ethereal is a short which was frame to frame filmed, to connect the lines and the geometrical  treatment of the choreography.

Source and images: © Flaminguettes

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