This past weekend, the capital citizens witnessed a series of light installations in different parts of the Historic City Center. Artists like Miguel Chevallier, Betsabeé Romero, Rocio Asesnsi and  collective Lucion  Media, have made of this pretty area of the city a spectacle of light and beauty. The Mexican audience soon cram the streets, day after day, despite the rain, from the Central Alameda, recently restored, to the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance to enjoy the show. The Festival of Lights is a project that was first held in Latin America and was carried out by a large group of government and civil organizations. The goal is to open a space for art in the Historic City Center, bringing artists from other latitudes and encourage artistic creativity. A show that generated smiles, exclamations of wonder and great pride to see with different optical beauty of this city.

Source and images: ©Priscila Cohen, ©Filux

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