Kill your Darlings is a biographical film that takes the university period of the young Allen Ginsberg, author of Howl, Ginsberg is played by Daniel Radcliffe, and the literary circle which soon became known as the Beat Generation. In 1940, Ginsberg gets a place at Columbia University. Thereafter, develops a close friendship with Lucien Carr, played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Place beyond the Pines), a smart and talented but tormented character who stays there thanks to favors from David Kammerer (Dexter , Six Feet Under), a teacher who is in love with him. The group is also composed of a rebel William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, when he was a sailor. Throughout the film, the group of young rebels are discovering a new way to make literature by breaking the conventions of the time, while going deep into the labyrinths of human relations, more complex, more intense and more dangerous.

Source and images: Kill your Darlings

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