Ida, released at the Film Festival in Gijon, Spain received the awards of Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Actress, among the most important. The film has become a phenomenon in Poland and the rest of the world. It was shooted in black and white, and tells the story of a novice who leaves the convent in which she has been educated, to visit her aunt and her only relative, before of making her vows. Her aunt, Wanda a communist traumatized by the Holocaust, where she lost her family, reveals her Jewish origin. Wanda has an opposite character than Ida. She is obsessive, promiscuous, alcoholic and tormented, while her niece is naive, and is in the process of discovering the world.

Ida is a film of growing, learning and particularly, the materialization of one of the most rooted metaphors in narrative cosmogonies, the Apollonian and the Dionysian. Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, it is a story which you have to see.

Images: Ida

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