On October 9, will be premiered at the  Cineteca Nacional, Tonala Cinema and Cinemania the second feature documentary Nuria Ibañez, entitled El cuarto desnudo, a hard x-ray about social reality and human nature of our society accustomed to living in a institutional environment where violence has become commonplace. From conversations between children, adolescents, parents and doctors from Psychiatric Hospital Juan N. Navarro, the director Nuria Ibañez builds a heartbreaking piece about the degradation of the social tissue of a country that has become accustomed to living with violence as everyday. The stories come together in a room or an office of the psychiatric hospital, a claustrophobic and suffocating space becomes more oppressive when patients, children and adolescents with severe behavioral problems, depression, conflicts with authority or suicidal, bare their souls against doctors, parents and the sensitive eye of Ibañez’s camera.

This film won as the Best Feature Documentary at the Morelia International  Film Festival in 2013.

  Source: Cineteca Nacional

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