FICUNAM: FEBRUARY 21st to MARCH 3rd, 2013

FICUNAM reaches its third year of life encouraged by an audience hungry for contemporary cinema: an audience that prefers a playful appreciation of cinema, its relationship with other arts and particularly with the cultural and social environment. The training of young critics with the incentive to writing and instrumented in editions from contests-film analysis is one of the flags of the Festival in its struggle to establish turning points increasingly decisive in the theater map Mexico.

If the message given in the 1st edition was clear, in the 3rd it should be even more: to experience the film, watch a movie surrounded by acquaintances and strangers is a vital event worth invoke good movies… the 3rd edition of FICUNAM course no exception.

FICUNAM sections in its third edition are: Strokes, International Feature Film Competition, Now Mexico, Hits, Territories: Archival Jonas Mekas, Hiking, Retrospective Darezhan Omirbayev, Edward Yang Retrospective, Tribute to Marcel Hanoun and special presentations.

Some venues for 2013 will be FICUNAM Sala Miguel Covarrubias, Julio Bracho, José Revueltas and Carlos Monsivais, the Cinematrógrafo del Chopo, Cinepolis Diana, Film Tonala, University Center Tlatelolco, Juan Bustillo Oro room of the National Film Archive and more.

See all the information on their website here, and do not miss!

Source and images: © FICUNAM

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