Felicia Simion had her first contact with photography at 5 years old. She was fond by the effect given to the images by analogue photography: grain textures, fade colors, imperfections. Originally from Rumania, Felicia’s work is characterized by its soft and cold colors, although some of her photos present a deep red touch. One of her most powerful series is Dreamscapes, dreamy landscapes that we could find in the nature, but with surreal shades. By processing the image, she adds these “magic touches”, that evoke nostalgia, yearning and fantasy to the spectator. The result of these images, which transit between real and unreal, existent and inexistent colors, things that seem to reach, but that are far. Familiar, but at the same time unknown places: the best of two ways of feeling.

Información e imágenes: ©Felicia Simion y Felicia Simion Facebook

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