Fashion photographer Yu Tsai was born in Taiwan, but he has worked for several years in the USA. He studied biology, but after several trips, found his passion was photography. Yu Tsai’s dedication and passion led him to perfect his work to become the art director of his own company.


Gradually, the photographer came to prominence in the editorial world, and today is one of the most recognized in the industry. His images can be found in international fashion magazines, especially publications in New York and Beijing. Although his style is colorful and nature is an indispensable part, he also likes clean, minimalist b&w images.


Yu Tsai has portrayed contemporary artists like Ryan Gosling and musicians such as Ringo Starr and Alicia Keys. The inspiration for his work comes from his travels, his passion for animals and nature. Here are some examples of his work, in which the protagonist is the clothing and accessories of the models.

Source and images: Yu Tsai

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