Gonçalo M. Tavares is one of the most internationally renowned Portuguese writers of our days. With a few books, has been consolidated in the literary world of readers and critics. From him, Saramago said “he has no right to write so well at thirty-five, he makes me want to punch him”. And indeed, Tavares prose reminds clarity and endearing of Marcel Schwob, eg False Stories (Histórias falsas) enroll in the slope of literary biographies as Imaginary Lives by the French author, or A Universal History of Infamy by Jorge Luis Borges which tells false stories of known characters, near and parallel to the familiar characters: a scatterbrained Juliet, a Zeno of Elea dump a tyranny, a woman in love with Thales, whose life ends in tragedy, and so on. A pleasant, clear, intelligent and poignant prose reveals through historical and literary characters experiences that define the condition of men.

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