A writer is installed on a dreamy island. Like every year, his daughter Emily comes to visit him, this time accompanied by her friend Antonia. She is young, beautiful and accessible, which immediately arouses the passions of the protagonist. Various thoughts begin to worry the writer, social and moral contradictions involved in his mind becoming the situation more complex. ” No surprises or mediation, it is not a character from the future intends to surprise someone, but rather as if we had direct access to his privacy, just at that level of intimacy that one is not aware. Sometimes we let the thoughts, especially those that make us uncomfortable, and in this case, as he is also the narrator, we are closer to reach those thoughts”, said the author, Jorge Alberto Gudiño Hernandez.

Publisher: ALFAGUARA
Format: RUSTIC
Year : 2011
No. of Pages: 288
Language: SPANISH
Sourceand images: ©Librerias Gandhi
Country: MEXICO

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