The Mexican Museum of Modern Art was leading in the art scene in Mexico since opening in 1964. The influence of conceptual art and the debate on cultural policies encouraged the break with the nationalism of the early 20th-Century. The works were built from new platforms: mail art, action art , video, stencil and collective work were tools by which they sought to break with traditional patterns of production, circulation and perception of art. More than a historical review, this exhibition is from an humanized or anthropomorphic viewing while the evidence produced, works and collections of artists whose creative decisions and citizen generated a range of possibilities for interaction between the work space and public (including creators). This account of the relationship between art and everyday life, institutions, politics and the media is structured around three key moments: the meeting of artists collective and strategy creation, making the streets as support or model, integrating artwork political exercise and life – we find references to motherhood, rituals such as weddings and parties XV years, and events such as the student movement of 1968 or the 1985 earthquake – and finally, experimentation and game.

Museo de Arte Moderno

Paseo de la Reforma & Gandhi unnumbered, Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Zip Code 11560

Source and images: © Museo de Arte Moderno.

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