For more than four decades of production, Enrique Bostelmann used photography as a way to support and experience different creative routes. The show Enrique Bostelmann: Imagen, espacio inagotable does review of his work where versatility and experimentation are hallmarks of his photographic work. As a tribute to the long history and contributions of the photographer, as part of its tenth anniversary of the death, the exhibition presents 80 color images, black and white, sequences, various formats, experimentation with media and print forms that distinguished Bostelmann of other photographers. The exhibition is divided into three thematic sections. The role of human presence in the environment on the block: “Landscape of man.” In “The wave is water and sculpture” is a reflection on the expressive possibilities of photography and its links with other arts. To end with “The deployment of the image” where it meets industrial material and advertising, which emphasizes the creation of visual circuits from an image in various forms.

Curatorship: Eugenia Macias and Elva Peniche

Until September 8, 2013

Museo de Arte Moderno

Paseo de la Reforma & Gandhi, Bosque de Chapultepec

Source and images: Museo de Arte Moderno

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