Bellman & Black (EL HOMBRE QUE PERSEGUÍA AL TIEMPO) (2013 ) by Diane Setterfield is a fable about ambition and the inevitability of death, reminiscent of Charles Dickens’s prose. William Bellman had just turned ten, when gets the admiration of all his friends, his expert eye pointing to a rook resting on a distant tree and, after a moment’s concentration, slingshot hits the mark. Nothing apparently serious, only childish, but since then his life changes and William proposes to forget the past, working hard to anticipate the time and its laws. The years go by and a man dressed in black begins to haunt William in the most tragic circumstances. Thus was born a strange bond between the two gentlemen while a splendid shop opens in London, with fabrics and props suitable for mourning the dead. The business is a success, and for a time William thinks his commitment to forget is successful, but there comes a day when a black rook sailed through the glass roof of the warehouse and the past becomes suddenly, full of secrets and willing to take his revenge… the famous author of The Thirteenth Tale now surprises us with a beautiful story where the mystery and memories go hand in hand.

  • Editorial: LUMEN
  • Format: RUSTIC
  • Year: 2014
  • Pags: 432
  • Language: SPANISH

Source and images: © Gandhi

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