The Unicorns emerged in Montreal, Canada in 2000, in the Campbell River, when Nicholas Thoburn (Nick Diamonds) and Alden Penner (Alden Ginger) met together. They were friends from the highschool. Then joined them the drummer Jaime Thompson (J’aime Tambeur) in the Sumer of 2003. They started with a demo in 2002 called Three Inches of Blood. Subsequently, the band debuted with the album Unicorns are people too in March 2003 through their own record label Caterpillars of the Community with only 500 copies. Seven months later they returned to the studio to record new songs, session which proved their second material Who will cut our hair when we’re gone? Released in November 2003 under the label Alien8 Recordings. In it, Mark Lawson was the producer. This album received rave reviews from top magazines and music blogs, quickly winning the world in independent rock music scene. They toured constantly for just over a year, several times with Hot Hot Heat in Australia, Europe, U.S. and Canada, of course. Despite the success, in 2004, the band showed signs of exhaustion. On December 28 of that year published this message on their website: “The unicorns are dead (RIP)” or “The Unicorns are dead”, opening to global speculation apart. Later, in February 2005 announced their definitive separation.

Source and images: ©The Unicorns, ©Alien8recordings

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