Axel Willner is a Swedish Dj and producer of electronic musician, born in Stockholm, who currently lives in Berlin. Willner is best known as as The Field. His music has a minimal-techno style. Although he studied music as a teenager, some of his inspirations do not come just from electronic genre but from bands such as the Dead Kennedys or Misfits, because of whom he decided to learn to play guitar. He began playing drone music , influenced by IDM in Stockholm. He started recording music under the name of The Field in 2003, combining it with his affinity for pop artists. His first full work is Komakt (2007), which was rated one of the best of the year, ranking 29th in the list of top 100 albums of the decade. In 2007 The Field was the first musician to participate in the Sound of Light Project. Like many DJs, throughout his career he has had collaborations with musicians like Thom Yorke, Miracle, Tame Impala, At the drive-in, Battles and Gui Boratto.


  • From here w ego sublime (2007)
  • Yesterday and today (2009)
  • Looping state if mind (2011)
  • Cupid’s Head (2013)

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