Omar Souleyman is a Syrian musician from Ras Al Ain, a town near the border with Turkey and Iraq. Souleyman composes his music in Arabic and Kurdish languages. The artist began his career in 1994, working with musicians that still work with him, especially with keyboardist Rizan Sa’id. His family influenced him to start in singing. Initially he formed a band that played local instruments such as the saz , violin, ney and bazouk. His music has reached a wider audience in recent years, gaining great fame thanks to the U.S. label Sublime Frequencies. His expansion is also due to his stay in Germany, as Souleyman and Sa’id became ambassadors of Syrian music in Europe. In 2011 he appeared at the Glastonbury Festival, in Paredes de Coura, Portugal and Chaos in Tejas, in Austin Texas , U.S. The Electronic/Syrian music sound of the duet produces in his audience a cheerful and frenetic attitude. Recently Omar Souleyman and Rizan Sa’id were presented at the Aural Festival, as part of the Festival del Centro Historico, in Mexico City, with excellent results.

Albums: Highway to Hassake (2006), Dabke 2020 (2009), Jazeera Nights (2010), Halflat Gharbia–The Western concerts (2011) y Leh Jani (2011).

Source and images: ©Omar Souleyman

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