Vincent Belorgey is a French singer born on July 31, 1975. He is commercially known as Kavinsky or KΔVINϟKY, who from 2006 began his musical career. He is sometimes associated with artists like SenastiAn, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, Justice, Lovefoxxx, The Weeknd and Mr Oizo. His music genre is classified as “french house”, “synthpop” and even “electroclash”. To create his music, Kavinsky says was inspired by films he has seen since he was a child. Before joining the musical world, he used to be an actor. After creating the song “Nightcall” for the soundtrack of the film Drive (2011), Kavinsky won much of the fame he has today. His only studio album is OutRun, which was released in February 2013, although he has also released EPs since 2006, as Teddy boy, 1986, Blazer, Nightcall, Proto Vision and Odd look.

Source and images: ©Kavinsky

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