Human communication is very complex for human beings and sometimes verbal language is not enough to express the feeling. That is why it is prudent to use the arts. A great example in this regard is the American band Explosions in the Sky, a lineup that definitely do not need in their lyrical songs to express all pure all they have to say. Munaf Rayani, Mark Smith, Michael James and Chris Hrasky are Explosions in the Sky since 1999. The band from Austin is known for its environmental and instrumental, very intimate and emotional sound. After minutes of sweet sounds, suddenly the toolkit strong cadences detonate in doing full justice to its name. Recommended albums: How Strange, Innocence, The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place, All of a sudden I miss everyone.” They are also known for the score for Friday Night Lights in 2004.

Source and images: ©Explosions in the Sky

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